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How it Works

Our platform matches you to the right universities. It's that simple.


There's a better way.

Enrolled minimizes the stress and uncertainty of choosing what and where to study by matching prospective international students, based on their academic profile and personal preferences, with 'best fit' institutions, degree subjects, cities, and countries.

Once a student creates a profile, the Enrolled platform takes care of the rest. Once matched, students can choose to move forward with their favourites and complete the application process. Meanwhile, Enrolled will continue to provide tips and insights to inspire the next move.

An international education is a significant personal investment and Enrolled is committed to helping students make the best possible investment.

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Step 1 - Create a profile.

Tell us what and where you'd like to study and Enrolled will match your academic profile and personal preferences to opportunities at the world's leading universities.

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Step 2 - Review your matches.

Decide which matches align with your academic and career goals and submit your applications. Meanwhile, Enrolled will provide tips and insights to inspire your next move.

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Step 3 - Accept an offer.

Compare your offers side by side with Enrolled's assessment of your best fit options. Then accept the one you love most. That's it!

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