does Enrolled charge students a fee for using the platform?

No student will ever be charged for using Enrolled's platform. Ever.


How does Enrolled match Students with education opportunities?

Enrolled matches student profiles to degree programs, universities, cities, and countries based on the stated preferences of the student, and the entry requirements of the listed Universities.

The platform aims to match an applicant with his or her most preferred program. In this way, Enrolled provides applicants with the best possible outcome based on the stated academic record and personal preferences. At the end of the matching process, each applicant will be matched with their 'best fit' international education options.


Do the listed universities have a relationship with Enrolled?

The listed universities are institutions currently assessed by the Enrolled platform for matching purposes. In some cases they will have a relationship with Enrolled and in others they will not. At present, Enrolled is capable of matching student profiles with universities located in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


what happens if Enrolled's platform is unable to find a match for a student's profile?

In rare cases the platform may exhaust all options without determining 'best fit' matches for a student's profile. In that event, Enrolled will follow up with the student to ensure the profile fields were completed correctly. If the fields were completed correctly we may, at our discretion. suggest alternative options. 


How Does Enrolled handle personal information?

Every profile created on our platform is stored in one of the world’s most secure and reliable third-party cloud infrastructures. Your data is continuously monitored for protection from loss or breach. In fact, the cloud infrastructure is distributed across multiple data centres. In the event of a fire or disaster it will automatically be shifted to a stable and secure location. 

Enrolled will only ever use your data in accordance with our Terms of Service and with your consent.


Does Enrolled Guarantee matches will make interview or application requests or offers of admission?

No. Enrolled is unable to guarantee that matches will make interview or application requests or offers of admission. Those decisions are made solely by the education institutions.


Does Enrolled require that students apply to their matches?

No. Enrolled offers the matching service solely to inform students of the international education options that best meet their academic profiles and personal preferences.


Does Enrolled assist students in completing their profile?

Absolutely. We are available and will gladly assist students in completing a profile through the Live Chat function at the bottom right of your screen.


What happens if I don't provide truthful answers when creating my enrolled profile?

You will never be penalized for honest mistakes; however, if the information you provide is untruthful you will be prohibited from using Enrolled's platform and services and it may negatively impact your future applications.


Does Enrolled Assist students with the formal application process?

No. Enrolled does not provide application support or guidance beyond the Enrolled platform.


I have a question that isn't answered here.

Not a problem. Just use the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp features at the bottom right of your screen. Alternatively, you can use our Contact form.